Visionary Path Tarot by Lucy Delics

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Offering a psychedelic approach to the mystical wisdom of the tarot, this 78-card deck by visionary artist Lucy Delics features a potent combination of magical esoteric symbols, ancient shamanic principles, plant medicine, and tarot archetypes interlaced with patterns and vibrational energies. Created over 3 years of immersion in the Major and Minor Arcana, the intricate black-and-white images on each card are like a binary code of consciousness, both depicting the inner alchemical process and allowing you to feel the inner guidance flowing from the cards and make intuitive interpretations. The accompanying booklet describes how the author discovered her artistic path through ayahuasca and other shamanic plant medicines and how she was inspired by Celtic, Norse, Navajo, Dogon, and Egyptian lore and the culture of the Peruvian Andes where she lives. The booklet also offers a direct and reversed interpretation for each card and a selection of divination spreads with instructions for laying them out. Bringing you into the psychedelic worlds of her visions, Lucy Delics's tarot is imbued with heart and spirit, portals and rabbit holes, fractal patterns vibrating ancient songs, and pure innocence and magic that makes the cards deeply touching visual experiences. 4" x 5.5" box with 78 cards and a booklet.

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